The ECA fitness conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last weekend was a great way to recharge my batteries following a long triathlon season.  It was a good reminder of why I chose fitness and wellness as a profession and was the stimulus I needed to reinvigorate me in my personal training and coaching.  AVIA was a presenting sponsor of the conference and I was asked nine months ago to be a presenter.  Sunday I delivered a 90 minute lecture on “Overtraining versus Overreaching” and Monday I did a triathlon training workshop including “Plyometric Training for Distance Runners.”  Below is a link to  my Powerpoint presentation on Overtraining vs. Overreaching:


Here is the outline of the workshop on “Plyometric Training for Distance Runners”:


It was also great to be able to attend some of the lectures and workshops such as “Stress, Cortisol and Obesity” with Dr. Len Krevitz, “Myths vs. Solutions to your Client’s Low Back Pain” with Dr. Evan Oscar, and “Kettlebell Konnect” with Paul Katami.

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