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Maui MTB 3 2013

XTERRA World Championship 2014


In the weeks leading up to the XTERRA World Championship I was really trying to change my mindset.  Instead of thinking I will win this race one of these years, I truly believed I could win, and for that to happen I knew I had to go out and get it.  This race will never be handed to me.  I felt that if I put … Continue reading

Mixing it up with some fresh, fast mountain bikers hours after a trail half marathon

Epic Mountain Challenge, October 4,5, 2013 Pagosa Springs


I had such a blast at the inaugural Epic Mountain Challenge in Pagosa Springs.  First, it was a good excuse to take my family and visit a part of Colarado I had never seen before.  Second, there was some great competition and good prize money on the line.  It was an interesting dynamic with the best mountain bikers and trail runners competing on team events … Continue reading

Hey, I didn't win, but I was outgunned today and happy to have fought a hard battle

XTERRA USA Championship, September 21, 2013


This year’s XTERRA USA Championship featured a very international pro field.  Yes, it is the USA Championship but it is open to international competitors in the pro division and always has been.  This year seemed more competitive than ever which I think is a good sign for the sport.  I always want to prove myself against the best in the world and the level of … Continue reading

Beaver Creek finish 2013

XTERRA Mountain Championship, Beaver Creek, Colorado July 20, 2013


Beaver Creek really kicks off the second half of the racing season with a course profile that resembles both the XTERRA National Championship and the XTERRA World Championship.  All three courses have over 3000 vertical feet of climbing on the bike and over 1200 vertical feet of climbing on the run.  This is really the style of racing that I am training for all year. … Continue reading

finish alabama xterra

XTERRA Southeast Championship, Pelham, Alabama, May 18, 2013


The XTERRA Southeast Championship was quite an adventure with heavy rain and a technical, fun bike course.  It was the only current XTERRA Championship race that I had never won, until Saturday.  With an improved swim and the fastest bike and run splits of the day I was able to pull of my second XTERRA victory of the season. Days before the race the weather … Continue reading

Las Vegas finish

XTERRA West Championship, April 13th, 2013


Well it wasn’t a pretty win, but a hard-fought win.  It was the slowest winning time for this course although it felt like the most effort compared to other years.  Recent rain had eroded the bike course, exposing more rock for most of the course and more sand in the washes.  Strong wind whipped around the course all day, creating a headwind for most of the flat sections … Continue reading


2012 Season Recap, an Honest Critique


By all metrics, 2012 was my most successful year to date, culminating with a big win at the XTERRA National Championship and second place to Javier Gomez at the XTERRA World Championship.  At the same time there were lessons learned and areas for improvement. In 2012 I continued to implement my non-traditional periodization approach which is a variation of “block peridization”.  The goal is to … Continue reading

ECA Thrive, Sports Training, Fitness and Wellness Conference


The ECA fitness conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last weekend was a great way to recharge my batteries following a long triathlon season.  It was a good reminder of why I chose fitness and wellness as a profession and was the stimulus I needed to reinvigorate me in my personal training and coaching.  AVIA was a presenting sponsor of the conference and I was asked … Continue reading

Photo courtesy of XTERRA

XTERRA World Championship, October 28, 2012


  The XTERRA World Championship start list was the most stacked field that I have ever seen with a long list of “contenders” all with an equal shot at the podium.  There were so many big names with impressive resumes that I was just happy to be included. I think I was the only one listed without the words “Olympian” or “World Champion” after my name. … Continue reading

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